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I am wombat.

 I am the wombat.  :)

Wrote a fic, had some thoughts, did my QBA problems for Friday and drew a comic at the end that was inspired by Hark! A Vagrant!'s "younger self" comics.  Younger me is telling present me that she hates math and doesn't want to be "a 'hcountant," and present me is saying that actually it's a lot of fun.  

Future me is knitting, off to one side, and is wearing an eye patch and a monocle, and says that I end up being a space pirate.  Because who says that what I end up doing will have anything to do with my major?  My dad has a bachelor's degree in forestry.  He's a finance manager for a good-sized company in Reading, and has his CPA license.  With a degree in forestry.  

So this is me, Future Space Pirate, writing to you from the time that is now.

Time to go study Advanced Accounting, because there is a test tomorrow, and it's on Governmental Entities and General Fund Accounting, Special Funds and Government-Wide Financial Statements, and Not-For-Profit Entities.  Interesting stuff!  Very interesting!  It's just really, really confusing because I've spent the past two and a half...hang on...[sums on fingers] two years, funny how these run together, learning how to do accrual basis accounting.  I've gotten pretty good at it, I think, as long as you don't want me to do journal entries for your stupid pension fund (piss on your pension fund! leave me alone!) or tell you all the nuances of deferred taxes (pay your taxes on time and then we won't have to do this nonsense).  It's almost entirely intuitive, now, except NOW you're throwing me into modified accrual basis and that's more like cash flows via journal entry.  CASH FLOWS are DEATH, that is all you need to know.  

(I can make an income statement and a balance sheet with relative ease, and you know they're right because total assets equals total liabilities plus equity.  But cash flows?  I have gotten a grand total of ONE cash flows statement to work out, and that wasn't even me.  That was B., mostly, while I worked on the accompanying notes to the financial statements. When we couldn't focus anymore, we switched roles.  We did this until five o'clock in the morning [I do not exaggerate; I have the email I sent Dom in my "sent" folder and it is marked 4:55am] in the cafe above the dining hall.  And then she said, very quietly, "Michelle.  I have it, I think.  It is working."  I fell asleep in Dom's tax class and he was really nice about it; he just said, "No, no, it's completely okay, just do me one favor.  Go home, right now.  And go to sleep.  Okay?"  Long story short, I am working with some amazing people here.)

So, all in all, it is easier than cash flows, but not intuitive.  It is the opposite of intuitive.  It isn't even counterintuitive.  It is anti-intuitive.  It is evil, and I don't like doing it.  

But I guess I'll go and do it, now.  Because even space pirates need to know how to balance a budget.

Also, rainbowjehan , I have crack for you in my Frigidaire! :)

We gots teh snow!!!

It's 28 degrees Fahrenheit here, and I am in love with the snow that's all over the place.  It's not quite deep enough to cover the grass, but it is deep enough to make a good show of it, so everything is white and gorgeous, and it's really chilly without actually feeling cold.  Because that's what happens when it snows, somehow; the biting-cold that blows right through you goes away and it gets all quietly nippy but isn't actually obtrusive.  I love it.  And the view from the Eyrie is awesome.  

I also don't feel as out-of-places as I do during the summer months.  The lack of any ability to tan at all means that I am either a ghost all year or a lobster for three months out of the twelve, and I usually opt for the former.  Because the latter hurts.  This is what happens when people of Norse descent decide to leave Scandinavia, and their children marry German-Norwegians, and one Mostly Norwegian son marries a girl who is half German and half Irish.  One of their daughters will tan beautifully every summer and have adorable freckles, and one of their daughters will be...well...fucking pale.  All the time.  And have really poor circulation along with it.  (Note: I am not actually complaining here.  I don't think I could be sad right now if I tried; I'm grinning like a loon and laughing while I type.  Also I'm fine with being weird and pale.)  Aren't genetics amazing?

Anyway, the point is that I love the snow because it's pretty and makes everything feel clean and new, including me.  I feel really comfortable in the snow and during the colder months in general.  

I love the snow.  

Everything is beautiful.

And the sky was silent

I've done my FM assignment, which was to see how far we could go on our pro forma cash flow analysis.  Most of what I put into Excel was bull, but hopefully it is close to what the prof wants.  I have also compiled an outline and list of page numbers for my Russian History essay.  I haven't done much this weekend and I really have no reason to be this tired, and it's Sunday night and this does not bode well for tomorrow.

It needs to snow.

"It's only forever, not long at all"

 Definitely failed my third FM test.  I thought I'd cell-referenced everything, but apparently my common size statements are still un-referenced, as will be my changes.  Black sodding damn.

So then I went to the library and got comfort-reading, which consists of Romancero gitano and a biography.  Three guesses as to what they have in common, and who, and the first two don't count.  

The Ballads are in English, because the library didn't have the Spanish version, but oh well.  It's probably for the best, anyway; I haven't taken a Spanish class in a while.

Writer's Block: Ready for my close-up

If you could make a cameo appearance on a TV show, which show would you choose, and what type of character would you play?

Ohhhhh good question.  Now?  Dr. Who, almost definitely.  I would want to play someone who's good with numbers, or maybe philosophy.  Or both, although if Dr. S and the Dalai Lama are to be believed (and they kind of are), that probably means I'd be some kind of quantum mechanist.  Can I be a quantum mechanist accountant?  I think that would be loads of fun.

Retroactively, I would LOVE to appear in either Voyager or Next Generation Star Trek.  I loved Voyager, and I was raised on Next Gen.  I have fond memories of being allowed to stay up past my bedtime on Saturday nights to watch The Original Series with my parents, and I love love love TOS but I really think they've got their bases covered and I'd rather sit back and fangirl quietly to myself than be a participant on the show.

For Voyager, I would probably have to be an alien of some sort, since there aren't too many stray humans running around in the Delta Quadrant.  Maybe a plant-being?  Photosynthetic? 

That would work for NextGen, too, I think.  But I'd almost rather be a dignitary or random plot device on that show, don't ask me why.  Alien, human, either is fine.

Oh!  Or one of the X-Men shows, which I am just beginning to get into.  Wolverine and the X-Men is a delightful show, it really is, and I would love to cameo in that as a vitrumkinetic or as someone who specializes in Postmortem Communications ("P.C." belongs to Sir Terry Pratchett, but I thought it was perfect and so I am using it, please excuse me).

runs away screaming

oh dear lord there is an exam on thursday and i don't know what even SO MANY NAMES (so many names) and POSSIBLE ESSAY PROMPTS thank god but SO MANY NAMES.

Now that that is out of the way...

The PlanCollapse )

In other news, I found out that I scored a 98 on my second FM graded-test-thing (amortization schedule), and a 100 on the third QBA exam.

Computer Meh?

I had to wait in Standing Stone for a few hours before going home because the dorms kicked everyone out at 9:30 this morning.  I was okay with waiting at Standing Stone; they have excellent food at fairly reasonable prices, they're local, and I like what they stand for.  They also offer free WiFi, and I had research to get done and a working computer with which to do it.

Or so I thought.

I got to Standing Stone and read some of the Russian History assignment, and then tried to go online.  And then I tried to go online some more.  

I tried everything I could think of.  I am now very familiar with Ubuntu's web page/wireless connection/network connections/network tools menus (meaning I know how to find which one I want, but I don't know what any of them do because NOTHING WORKED).

I texted Mike and asked him what he thought.  See, the SS connection was fine -- 100% -- and I should have been able to click the little echolocation symbol and select the network I wanted to browse from, but it would look for the SS network for a while and then say "1602 is disconnected.  You are disconnected."  The 1602 looked familiar, and Mike's reply confirmed my suspicions: he thought it sounded like my computer was still trying to pick up the internet from his house.  

He came down to Standing Stone to take a look, but wasn't sure what to do.  Erk and Kevin had arrived by that point, so I decided to wait until I got home and google what to do on the home computer.

I got home and opened Hadron, and Firefox, and Behold! The Problem Is Magically Fixed!

Or so I thought.  Again.  What actually happened was that I opened Firefox and Google worked, but all of the sessions timed out when I tried to open webpages (aha, now I remember why I don't use Firefox--because it hates me and times out all the time!).  So I went on the home computer and tried to Google what was wrong, and tried a couple of things, ran a few commands, nothing worked.  

Then I thought, well, Google is loading and it's running searches (I need to go to bed; I just spelled that "surches"), so maybe it's just with Firefox.  And I went to Ubuntu's Magic Application Download Wizard and said, "Can has interwebs?"  And the MADWizard said, "Why sure you can has!  Which one you wants?  This, this, this, or that?"  To which I replied, "Can has a Chromium plz?  :3"  And the MADWizard told me that of course I could have a Chromium, and look, it would download quickly and actually work!

And that is how my internets magically fixed themselves, and how I got back onto the webs with a little help from the MADWizard (which is really the Ubuntu Software Center, but I like MADWizard better).  
This section of my philosophy class is really cool -- we're reading a book by the Dalai Lama about the convergence of science and spirituality, and today Dr. Schettler showed us how the same light particles can be in two places at the same time, and how this shows that, on the atomic and subatomic level, they don't exist.  I had wondered why a Physical Chemistry (i.e. quantum atomic physics) professor would be teaching the unit on Buddhist philosophy, and today I found out that it boils down to this: Buddhist philosophical teachings are corroborated by quantum mechanics.

I've seen the stuff Kat has to do for PChem.  Schettler knows what he's on about, guys.  He could give me a mathematical explanation of the demonstration he gave earlier if I asked him for one, but I'm not going to ask for that because I wouldn't understand it and I trust that he knows what he's doing.

Anyway, rebirth and reincarnations and transience and attachments and whatnot.  It's pretty rad. 

"Blow, blow, thou winter wind"

I am feeling extremely stressed out and I don't know why.  This usually happens when I understand I will need to be spending money in some context or other.  What is this i cant even.